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Frequently Asked

Can you suggest a Yoga Studio?

We can suggest a studio once you have chosen a style and decided you are at a level to exercise with a Group. We can also offer quality cloths and exercise tools at a reduced price for our members.

Why do you have memberships online?

We constantly update our information, both articles and Videos. Some people would rather pay a low monthly fee and get access to everything..

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if the quality of the information or videos is not as stated in the sales information..

Why do you have nutrition and Karma information on a Yoga site?

Many people are looking to use Yoga as a life style change. We feel offering information on mental well being and nutrition goes together with easy exercise. In some cases people will find the Karma and Nutrition and then join the Yoga exercise to improve their health.

Why include Personal Economy?

Money stress would be one of the main contributors to illness. While Nutrition and Yoga will help to relieve some stress we believe some suggestions to deal with money stress is important.

Why do you mainly concentrate on online?

There are thousands of Studios, but we feel there is not enough places where you can get central information about the origins and different styles of Yoga. Also some poeple are shy or hesitant to try Yoga because they do not want to begin with a class that already is experienced.  

Why join our membership Today!

What is the difference between buying the articles and videos and joining the membership

Joining our membership entitles you to access to all the articles and videos for a low monthly membership. If you prefer you can still buy the articles and the video’s individually. Since we include new information every month the membership is great value. 

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